In 2016, we learned (again) that we do not elect our President directly through our total national vote, the Popular Vote. Instead, we elect the President indirectly, on a state-by-state basis, through the Electoral College. What you probably didn’t know is that state and federal laws — even our Constitution — allow some government officials to override those individual state Electoral Votes.

That’s right: our votes for President may not matter at all.

Here’s what can happen, how it can affect the Presidential Election, and what we can do about it:

· State legislatures have the ultimate authority to pick…

This week, in the wake of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, we have once again witnessed the continued destruction of honor, trust and civility in U.S. politics. That destruction has and will continue to have significant long- mid- and short-term effects on our nation, and specifically on the relationship between us, we the people of the United States, and our elected leaders. What happens eventually in terms of her replacement, that “what,” will have much less significant effects that the “how” — the way our elected leaders are approaching this issue.

Those leaders are approaching this issue based only on…

How Long Will We Continue to Excuse the Inexcusable?

Today we learned that President Trump, in his own words, admitted that he repeatedly and consistently lied to us, We the People of the United States, about the coronavirus. On tape, in voluntary interviews with Bob Woodward, President Trump admitted on February 7, 2020, that he had known as early as late January that the virus was deadly and highly transmissible and then lied about it to the American people. This is no mere partisan “gotcha,” parsing words of a political opponent to score political points. …

Fact or Fiction?

COVID-19 goes away in warmer weather: Fiction

Proof: COVID-19 cases did not decline in the U.S. during the summer.

COVID-19 is not more deadly than the regular flu: Fiction

Proof: In the last flu season 24,000–62,000 people died of the flu based on CDC estimates; 183,602 people died of COVID-19 in the U.S. so far this year.

COVID-19 is under control in the U.S. right now: Fiction

Proof: During the last week, about 1,000 people died — each day — from COVID-19, and the Positivity Rate is above 5% in 28 states.

Ingesting bleach or light will…

To begin with the obvious, because of the pandemic, the Democratic National Convention (as will be true for the Republican National Convention) will not be very much of a “convention” since it will occur remotely. Thus, there will be little, if any, group enthusiasm and rallying of party supporters and loyalists in the final push toward the election. Since lack of enthusiasm about Democratic Candidate Joe Biden is one of the perceived weaknesses of his campaign, this is a substantial negative. On the other hand, the celebratory atmosphere of a political convention seems inappropriate during a global pandemic in which…

President Trump, Fox News, the Heritage Foundation (“HF”) and others repeatedly claim that there is “massive” mail-in vote fraud in Presidential elections, and that fraud is significantly greater for mail-in voting than in-person or “absentee” (excuse-required, mail-in) voting. When pressed for proof, they cite individual anecdotes of vote fraud, most of which do not even involve mail-in voting.

There are many studies that have repeatedly concluded there is very minimal vote fraud. See, e.g.,,

But rather than face claims of data bias, let’s look at HF’s own vote fraud data. …

There are four types of “mail-in” voting:

1) “Excuse-Required” mail-in voting: allows registered voters to request a mail-in ballot if they certify that they are physically unable to cast their vote in person. (Being out-of-town is only one acceptable excuse, which is why calling this “absentee” voting is a misnomer. Other acceptable excuses include illness or disabilities.) If approved, the voter receives a ballot by mail and returns that ballot by mail.

2) “No-Excuse” mail-in voting: allows a registered voter to request a mail-in ballot without having to certify they are physically unable to cast a vote in person. …

80 Things You Need to Know Before the 2020 Presidential Election

Starting tomorrow, Saturday, August 15 — which is 80 days before the November 3 Presidential Election — I will begin daily posts of one thing you need to know before the election. The information in each post will include new (updated or additional) information based on my recently-released, best-selling book, We the People: Restoring Civility, Sanity and Unifying Solutions to U.S. Politics.

Why am I doing this? Getting the information we need — real facts, not partisan spin — is getting harder and harder.

Facts matter — now more than ever. With those facts, We the People have the power to restore our government to serve us all — it’s time we use it.

The following is adapted from We the People.

I’m right. You’re wrong.

My beliefs are good. Yours are evil.

We see this black-and-white absolutism all the time, where there is no middle ground, and it has led to the biggest obstacle to civil political discourse: polarization.

Polarization is the divergence of political attitudes to the extremes of the spectrums.

Imagine the far left as the North Pole, and the far right at the South Pole. …

· 5 million infected with COVID-19

· 34 states with high positivity rates, demonstrating the virus continues to spread

· 150,000 COVID-19 deaths

· 16 million unemployed

Yet, once again, Congress and the President are more focused on partisan political battles than on solving the public health and economic crises we face.

And, who pays the price? Not them. Us.

We’re tired of their meetings in rooms where nothing happens. We the People want them to focus on our suffering, not their partisan objectives.

We’ve had enough.

We’re tired of each side blaming the other and falsely claiming they’re working…

H Edward Wynn

H. Edward Wynn has worked in all branches and levels of government and with both Republicans and Democrats, but Ed’s not a political insider.

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